Celebrating The End Of Another Year Of University In Paradise

After a whole year of non-stop assignment submissions, the crippling stress of keeping up with the workload and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s finally your three month break from uni! It’s finally time to, as Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation would say “Treat yo self!” What would be better than lounging on the soothing sunny beaches of Seminyak in Bali during the day with a good book and cocktail at hand and to party your worries away at night!

Grab your squad, but choose wisely

Travelling in a group is not only fun but also gives you a sense of an added layer of protection in numbers. But when planning a group trip, it’s important to choose wisely. There is more to it than making sure everyone going gets along. A rough budget should be drawn up prior to making any bookings. When travelling in a group it makes sense for you to be able to share the same space. There are many villas for rent, this would be a better option rather than staying in hostels and paying for each individual bed separately. From important factors such as lodging and food to travel and activities, every expense needs to be a fair collection of money from all those in the group. Having a well-planned out budget prior to preparations being made will avoid any unfortunate occurrences with each expense.

Explore the island

The sights of Seminyak are breath taking. You can either walk the streets with its shopping, Instagram worthy cafes and restaurants, visit places oozing of culture and art or go for a full-on hike. You can’t go wrong with either. Nature fanatics always recommend hikes for the indescribable view. Places of art and culture are also very much sought after, Bali being so rich of cultural aesthetics.

Relax and de-tox

Vacationing solo can also be very therapeutic. After a very stressful and hectic routine unwinding is good for your health and psyche. Most of the private villas Seminyak have to offer also come with their own private beach or pool. Put away all forms of technology, grab a good book, your tanning lotion or your floats and hit the pool. The clear ocean is not to be missed either! Take in the scenery and be present. Let the serene waters sooth you and sweep away your sorrows. If you’re feeling extra generous towards yourself indulge in a spa day.

When planning your year-end holiday to celebrate the end of a year of university, Seminyak should be on your mind. Close your eyes and feel the sun on your face and smell the salt of the sea, grab a good book, and your troubles will soon be forgotten.

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