Base Your Travel In Canterbury To Explore The South Island

New Zealand has rich geographical regions that are waiting to be discovered. If you wish to explore South Island you need to choose a region where you can base your travels from. Canterbury could be your base as there are several natural landscapes worth exploring here as well as Christchurch as the principal city which has modern as well as historic landmarks to check out. 

About Canterbury

This is a region that stretches from the Alps to the ocean and has peaks and plains for you to explore. You could book yourself on a golf course resort in this area and make it your base to explore the diverse landscapes. Book yourself on a guided tour or go camping, drive by yourself or simply sit back and enjoy wherever you are since this scenic region has a lot to offer. If you plan to visit the different towns and cities in this region, check out places like Kaikoura, Akaroa and Lake Tekapo when you are at this place. Most towns are surrounded by harbors and mountains capes that make them unique and wondrous.

Attractions in Christchurch

This is the principal city to visit when you are in the Canterbury region. It has contemporary cultural landmarks to discover as well as open marketplaces and modern retail outlets that will help you go on a shopping frenzy. If you are planning to celebrate a special event here, there are function venues Canterbury that would be perfect, whether you wish to plan your wedding or a corporate event.

How to plan your travel?

With so places to visit and options in choices of stay, it can be difficult to plan your travel. Depending on the number of days you wish to travel, look around the region and plan a centralized location to stay. There are several accommodation facilities available where you could make your base for your travels in this region. Most resorts here have travel guides and tours available. You can easily book yourself sightseeing tours from the resort or hotel you put up at. You also have the option to go camping or drive around by yourself. Get the necessary guidance and information you need and you are all set to explore the unique landscapes and rich natural beauty that this region has to offer. Choose the right time of the year and you are sure to enjoy most of the places here, from whale watching in Kaikoura to exploring the highest peak at Aoraki. You might also want to focus on a single place to explore here and choose to stay there to explore the nearby attractions.

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