Tips For Travelling The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a great thing that no traveler should miss in his or her life. Every traveler can witness the National Parks, surf towns, hippos and so on when they will travel between Warrnabool and Torquay that is the stretch of 250 km. But, you need to know the following tips for travelling the Great Ocean Road.

Wait for the beautiful view – Don’t just click more and more photos of the Great Ocean Road. Wait for some minutes with your dear and near ones to enjoy the view of the Twelve Apostles. From the starting point of your great ocean road day tour from Melbourne, you can see the glimpse of water edge. When you will enter Anglesea, the cliffs that are over-looking the wonderful beach will give you the exact look of the coastline and you can see it while driving. Devil’s Elbow comes before another stop that is Lorne.

The former is a place, where you can take rest for a while with the belief that the most difficult part of the road trip is completed so far. The road is a narrow one; on one side of the road are the cliffs, on the other side is the ocean. You can also get a view of the treetops of the several National Parks. Like puffing billy day trips a guided tour is recommended for the Great Ocean Road.

Have a look at the towns – You can spend some quality time with your family members, close friends, loved ones, beloved in the towns that are near the Great Ocean Road. Pay a visit to the Bell’s Beach of Torquay. In Bell’s Beach, the annual Ripcurl Pro is organized always in the Easter weekend. If adventure is in your blood and you love to do hiking, then you must take the chance. This is because Anglesea gives various types of cliff as well as beach hikes. You will get to view the beautiful scenic of the coast at the end of the hiking tour.

Good news for the foodies- you can get fresh seafood in your palette from the seawater Especially in Lorne. You can fill your tummy with many delicious food items by visiting many restaurants of Lorne.

It is dangerous – The Great Ocean Road is also dangerous, so don’t be scared. The road is very narrow. In winter, the road can be very slippery due to rain. However, don’t worry as many policemen are posted in this area especially in the winter months to save people and to prevent accidents that are mainly caused by drunk drivers.

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